Nokia & The Cloud teams up to offer Wi-Fi in London

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Nokia and The Cloud (“Europe’s leading WiFi hotspot and WLAN network operator”) have teamed up to offer free Wi-Fi in London’s ‘Square Mile’ financial centre. The access to WiFi hotspots will greatly improve communication possibilites to the 350,000 people that live and work there. The network has been developed by The Cloud and The City of London Corporation, the Square’s Mile’s governing body.

Short video made about the announcement of The Cloud building a metro network in the City of London.

Anyone using a Wi-Fi device, will enjoy free access to the service during the first month.. The Cloud and Nokia will be conducting a variety of promotional activities at various venues across the City over the next few weeks.

Wi-Fi is at the forefront of mobile technology today and it is important for us to partner with the leading providers in the industry. Advanced Wi-Fi of this kind will help consumers get the most from our Wi-Fi enabled devices such as the Nokia N95, Nokia N800, Nokia E61i and Nokia E65.“, says Simon Ainslie, general manager of Nokia UK.

This short video from The Cloud shows how you can improve the way the Nokia N95 handles WiFi. In partciular Nokia handsets can have problems doing ‘handover’ on metro WiFi networks. By following these quick setting changes your Nokia will perform handover far better, enabling you to make VoIP calls when moving between access points on a mesh WiFi network, with no drop of signal or interruption of call. This has been tested on the City of London metro WiFi network operated by The Cloud.

How to Connect
To connect to WiFi, all you need is a wireless device thats WiFi compatible (laptop, smartphone etc). This could be built into your device(check your owners manual), or you may need to buy a WiFi wireless card. Most high street technology retailers sell them.

  1. Turn on the wireless-enabled device. Most laptops include Intel® Centrino wireless functionality as standard, others require a separate card purchased from any major electronics store.
  2. Select mycloud or WiFi Zone The Cloud from the available wireless networks.
  3. Open the Internet browser. The Cloud landing page will then appear.
  4. Existing users and voucher holders then enter their login details.

The Cloud hotspot locator

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