Gamelion Global Race: Raging Thunder, Symbian 3D game

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Global race is a racing game which takes full advantage of the new Nokia E90 Communicator’s processing power and the 800×360-pixel screen running at 40 frames per second!


Global Race is a racing game designed for the Nokia E90 Communicator with innovative GPS features. Global Race is a gut-churning, tire burning racer developed for a broad range of mobile platforms and handheld devices. Race against time and your opponents in this fast paced and exhilarating coin-op style racing game. This game allows you to control over some of the most extreme muscle cars in the world, on a variety of tracks set in different beautifully realized environments. Global Race is a mobile implementation of Gamelion’s global racing community. The community offers many exciting features for racing fans, including track editor and other tools for user-generated content, web games and multiplayer between web and mobile.The game offers three different cars, the Frog, the Cheetah or the Shark, all with different attributes in classical arcade style to fit your driving style and to adapt to the chosen racecourse.

GRRT_1.png GRRT_2.png

  • The Frog offers great handling, but is somewhat slower than the other two cars in acceleration and top speed.
  • The Cheetah is the fastest car both in speed and acceleration, but lacks the handling control of the Frog.
  • The Shark matches the Cheetah’s acceleration and improves on its handling, but doesn’t have quite the top-end speed that the Cheetah delivers.

The racecourses involves a snowy Moscow, the streets of San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, the avenues of Paris, and the street maze of Jakarta, thereby testing your flexibility and overall skills. The object of the game is to log the fastest overall time on the course.

GRRT_3.png GRRT_4.png

You steer your car with the left and right arrows of the rocker switch. You accelerate with the up arrow and break with the down arrow. There’s also an option of automated acceleration, which leaves only the steering and braking to you.

Along the way, you will see lightning bolt icons that will increase your speed, and warning sign icons that will decrease it. Choose them wisely, because they will become a critical path toward making your checkpoint times along the way.

Soon after release of the Nokia E90 Communicator, the game will also be made available for other S60 3rd Edition devices, and for most S60 2nd Edition devices. For download and purchase of these latter versions, see

Download the game here.

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