Simply Symbian’s Top 10 S60 3rd Edition apps!

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We are quite picky in choosing applications that we think worth the hassle and money to be purchased. After spending some time with an E90 (yep… THE E90!!!), we came into conclusion that the following 10 applications are COMPULSORY for us to use S60 smartphones on a daily basis. And these are all native applications, not Java, not Python… These applications have been tested heavily and the numbers assigned to them are there for a reason. Are you ready? Here we go!!!

1. SkyeQuiKey


The quickest way to launch applications and accessing contacts. A no brainer to use and should be the first application to be installed in all S60 3rd Edition smartphones.

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2. Handy Taskman


A quick way to monitor running apps in the background and available memory. If an app goes rogue, just kill it!

3.Psiloc Connect

psiloc connect

An app that prioritise WiFi connection over 3G/GPRS. It acts as an access point that will search for available Wirelss LAN. Makes your life easier because you dont need to choose Access Point everytime you want to connect to the net.

4. Quickoffice 5.0


What can I say? Currently it’s the best office application for S60 3rd Edition. Working with office documents on mobile is less complicated now. Thanks to Quickoffice! And for your guys’ info, the text for this short writeup is 100% produced using Quickword!

5. Projekt


Shopping list, todo list, notes, database, books collection, outliner, mindmapper… The list goes on and on. Projekt is a flexible app that can be used to asist our brains.

6. Psiloc XSync


xsync 2

Text messages archived on GMail – threaded style!

Archiving text messages has never been easier. XSync makes sure all your text messages are sent to your email addres for later reference. And being able to read your texts on PC is just awesome!

7. X-Plore


The best filemanager for S60 3rd Edition!!! Period!

8. CorePlayer 1.25

The most flexible media player out there. Gone are the days of transcoding DiVX files to MP4. just throw the AVI (or MPG or MOV) files in the memory card and CorePlayer will handle it happily. The Youtube integration is also a nice touch albeit not perfect!

9. AutoTheme


Got a lot of themes and dont know which one to use? Dont loose sleep over it. Just set the schedule in AutoTheme and all will be automatically handled. Easy peasy…

10. Resco Viewer

resco photo viewer

The best photo viewer ever!

Honourable mention goes other applications that didn’t count as top 10 like Slick Instant Messenger, mConnection, System Seven (they are still in beta), Opera Mini 4 (it’s a java midlet, not a native app),

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2 Responses to “Simply Symbian’s Top 10 S60 3rd Edition apps!”

  1. h.ponkumaar on April 4th, 2009 06:00

    it is a great list of applications
    i have using most of them and it rocks
    nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zak on November 12th, 2010 14:37

    Great all trial versions 😛