Magic Screen for UIQ Released!

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MagicScreen gives you a very powerful tool to improve and refine your UIQ smartphone interface. MagicScreen provides shortcuts to your favorite applications and tasks that will be displayed on the standby screen so that could be instantly and easily launched. MagicScreen launcher will assist you in taking your UIQ3 phone to the next level.

Shortcuts are available for the full range of applications, files and common tasks. All functions of the built-in standby screen are left intact by MagicScreen. MagicScreen can be used on P900, M600 and W950 phones.

The software behind MagicScreen is based on research done by the DumplingSoft group in Brno, Czech Republic, between experienced UIQ users and is aimed to tuning up SE symbian UIQ smartphone interface.

Major features 

– Up to 16 customizable shortcuts that can be displayed on the standby screen (SonyEricsson phones only).

– Customizable number, mode and arrangement of shortcuts.

– Supported shortcut types include installed applications and files.

– Shortcuts are also available for adding new entries of major built-in applications, like Calendar, Notes, Tasks, and more.

– Function shortcut type to hide the icon panel that has adjustable position in minimize mode

– Adjustable transparency setting for the icon panel.

– Display functions of the standby screen are preserved, including operator, area message, media player and timer.

– Keypress functions of the standby screen are preserved, including silent mode, phone lock, and selection of default shortcuts.

– Flip closed mode of the P990 is left intact by MagicScreen

– MagicScreen is extremely stable and has amazingly small memory requirements

– Provides very handy optionally auto-boot feature of MagicScreen


* Thanks to STeNlik of My-Symbian.Com forum for the news

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