CellPhoneSoft releases File Associate for UIQ 3

October 30, 2008 by  

File Associate lists and lets you change what applications are used to open various document files. You can select alternative viewers for all popular file types like DOC, PDF, JPG, MP3, etc.. The newly assigned associations take effect when you open files from a file manager. For example, you can assign Docs To Go to open your .DOC files instead of the built-in QuickWord. The accompanied Generic viewer application supports viewing flash, ZIP, text and binary files. When clicking on a file, you will never again encounter the “Unrecognized file format” message! These two applications provide a kind of customization that was never before possible on Symbian UIQ or S60 phones. Major features: – Lists the file type associations on the phone. – Changes what viewer application is started when opening a document file (available on SonyEricsson phones). – Includes Generic viewer application for viewing ZIP, text and binary files. – Supports viewing local flash files using the Opera Flash Plug-in.

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