Mobile phone accessories

May 19, 2009

It used to be that if you wanted to add a bit of interest or customise your phone to suit your own personal tastes, all it took was snapping on a fancy new fascia, or getting a cool leather case. Some went for the Japanese attraction of adding a little trinket that would dangle off the side. Most providers still sell these types of accessories for phones. However, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the obvious outlets to get that personal touch. Take your cue from some of the world’s most outré phones as a guide for turning your phone from purely functional to fashionable.

Any fans of American diva Kimora Lee Simmons (and her programme Life in the Fab Lane) out there will have seen that she has an incredibly glamorous lifestyle, and a phone to match. Her colourful crystal encrusted phone definitely takes bling to a new level! You may not want to go that far but it’s not hard to interpret the trend for yourself. You can buy crystals that you simply peel off and stick on to your mobile phone in any design you wish. Or if you want something a little more refined, go for a leather case that has a bit of sparkle – this will still lend a fun touch to your mobile, without looking cheap.

If you do want to personalize your phone without drastically changing the look and feel, why not try engraving?  It may be dependent on your phone’s make and model but there are lots of services online that can easily do this and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It will depend on what you decide to engrave of course – a picture or long quotation will obviously cost more than a few letters. Space is another limitation to consider.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of body art, you might like the idea of mobile phone tattoos. Essentially these are the next step up from fascias, the difference being that you can literally stick the tattoo onto your phone (you’ll need to buy one that’s designed for your phone model) and peel it off when you fancy. They’re cheaper than buying fascias, and for some models customizable because you can buy blank tattoo paper, print on a design of your own making, and stick it on. What could be easier?

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