Top accessories for your iPhone

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The success of Apple’s iconic iPhone has spawned a whole range of ‘i-accessories’. But which ones are really worth having?

  1. Apple’s iPhone Dock: Great for all-in-one charging, syncing and external speaker connection, the iPhone dock is an essential accessory for every iPhone user. Its slick design and multi-functional purpose accords perfectly with the Apple ethos – and, best of all, it’s available online for under £25.
  2. Car charger: The iPhone has a reasonable battery life; but if you’re addicted to browsing the web and downloading new applications, you may find that it needs regular recharging. Cut out the hassle of home charging by investing in a car charger, which will boost your battery on the go. Choose a premium model that will enable fast charging while protecting your phone from power spikes.
  3. External battery pack: Sometimes there simply isn’t time to wait around while your phone recharges. For moments like these, an external battery pack is a must-have. Many packs on the market come as an integrated part of a protective case, so they perform the dual function of protecting your phone and providing it with an alternative power source when the battery gets low. You can also buy portable hand-held chargers to plug into your phone – the BC 1000 mAH Rechargeable Backup Battery is a good option.
  4. Screen protection: If there’s a downside to touch screens, it’s their tendency to get covered with fingerprint smudges in no time at all. Guard against this problem with a peel-off screen protector, which will shield your phone from grit and grease without adding annoying bulk. Anti-glare iPhone screen protectors do the job well, and don’t interfere with the phone’s functions. If you want to combat the finger print problem but don’t fancy the idea of a screen protector, a pocket screen puff for wiping away dirt is a fun alternative.
  5. The weird and wonderful: Finally, anybody with a penchant for the ridiculous should browse the range of weird and wacky iPhone accessories on the market. Perfect for personalising this highly individual phone still further, gadgets such as the iPhone fingers – roll on rubber finger protectors that guard your screen against grime – will certainly cause a stir among your friends. If you’re a true iPhone devotee, then check out the iPhone thong – the ultimate in geek underwear style.

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