About us

SimplySymbian is a website dedicated to cover the latest news in the Symbian world. Symbian or Symbian OS is the world’s leading mobile operating system. Mobile devices are now used in all parts of the world helping people to communicate by making calls, sending text messages and e-mail as well as browsing the internet. Our goal is to keep you updated with the latest Symbian information – with a user perspective twist.

Dario Soltani – Editor

I love technology and I’m always on the look for new gadgets that help me make more of my days. Right now I’m hooked on the Nokia N82 which I use to communicate with friends, co-workers and business associates. I also use it to sync my calendar with both Outlook and Google, that way I’m sure I’ll always have access to my important information. I also use my phone to browse the web, make cash transfers, check the bus time tables or just kill some time. Why Symbian? I got hooked on Symbian simply because it felt so adjustable and powerful.