Digia @Web Beta 1.00 now available

June 19, 2008



Digia @Web Landscape

After months in development, Digia finally announced the availability of the very first public beta of it’s Webkit based internet browser for UIQ 3. Those who are interested to test the beta and provide feedback for the development, can go to Digia’s website to register and download @Web version 1.00 Beta.

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S60 Touch UI video update

June 10, 2008

No matter what you think of it, Nokia is really putting some efforts on developing it’s next-gen Touch UI for it’s smartphones. As you can see from the video above. There are examples of Nokia’s vision of Touch UI. IMHO, it is too early to say anything about it and comparing to Apple’s iPhone UI doesn’t do any justice because we are talking about something that doesn’t exist publicly. However, I’ll leave this all for you guys to decipher the message…

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Porting Mozilla onto Symbian OS

May 5, 2008

An interesting piece to read. Over at Forum Nokia Blog, Harry Li discussed the possibility of porting Mozilla to Symbian OS. Among others, Harry mentioned the humongous size of Mozilla Platform. He said “Frankly, at first I hadn’t realized the size of the Mozilla Platform, until I read these from the book “Rapid Application Development with Mozilla”:

It is 30 times larger than the Apache Web Server, 20 times larger than the Java 1.0 JDK/JRE sources, 5 times bigger than he standard Perl distribution, twice as big as the Linux kernel source, and nearly as large as the whole GNOME 2.0 desktop source—even when 150 standard GNOME applications are included.”

Read the full article HERE.

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Carbide.C++ v1.3 about to ship

February 5, 2008


Carbide.c++ v1.3, the #1 tool for most Symbian developers is about to get a facelift and version 1.3 will be released in about one month. Some of the cool new features include Windows Vista support, quick access to everything in the IDE by pressing [ctrl]-[3] and improved build speed and control.

Full feature list after the break.
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ShakerRacer goes OpenSource

January 30, 2008

ShakerRacer2.jpgAustrian Andreas Jakl whom I met in Budapest reports that their cool application ShakerRacer now goes OpenSource. We’ve earlier reported on ShakerRacer where you also find a video demonstration.

ShakerRacer allows you to control a real RC car with the accelerometer of the N95. This means that you can turn and accelerate simply by tilting your phone. The source code is now finally ready and has been released along with some documentation.

Read more and download the sourcecode from Andreas blog.

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