Digia @Web Beta 1.00 now available

June 19, 2008



Digia @Web Landscape

After months in development, Digia finally announced the availability of the very first public beta of it’s Webkit based internet browser for UIQ 3. Those who are interested to test the beta and provide feedback for the development, can go to Digia’s website to register and download @Web version 1.00 Beta.

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UIQ wants YOU to deliver applications!

December 3, 2007

uiqwants.jpgUIQ wants YOU to start developing tomorrows killer applications using their platform and they want to help you do that. In order to do so, they’ll published a book called ‘UIQ 3: The Complete Guide’ early in 2008. Having some experience myself with Symbian development (I had problems even compiling the hello world code!) I realize this is great news! Not only will they publish the book, but the full content will be put online as a wiki. Users will be able to contribute with new material and corrections for further editions of the book. The book will also be published in Chinese in the future and the Symbian people told me Carbide.C++ v1.2 will make life easier.

The book/wiki is aimed to help both experienced and inexperienced C++ programmers to get started with and port their applications to the UIQ platform.

You’ll find the wiki at books.uiq.com
(make sure you put it in your bookmarks if you’re planning to start with UIQ development)

Here’s some of the topics to be covered:

Aims, features and architecture

  • Introduction (full chapter content online)
  • Background
  • UIQ 3 basics

Starting development

  • Development environment and quick start (full chapter content online)
  • Symbian OS essentials

User interface framework

  • Understanding UI components
  • List boxes (full chapter content online)
  • Commands and categories
  • Layout managers and building blocks
  • Views and dialogs
  • Building an application (full chapter content online)

Multimedia and communications

  • Multimedia
  • Communications

Improving your applications

  • Refining your application
  • Symbian Signed
  • Testing, debugging and deploying


  • Porting
  • Reference

You’ll find more information and support about development subjects by visiting

UIQ Developer Community

Symbian Developer Network 

Sony Ericsson Developer World

Motorola Developer Network

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