Screenshot Tour – Skyfire Browser on S60 3rd Edition

October 21, 2008

Skyfire browser is still in it’s very early beta for S60 3rd Edition smartphones. At the moment, it is available for closed beta testing ONLY for US residents. In this write-up, I just want to share my own experience using this new browser. I will use my own words to explain my thoughts about it and you can agree or disagree with me. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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button Screenshot Tour   Skyfire Browser on S60 3rd Edition

Screenshot Tour – Epocware’s Handy Shell

September 19, 2008

Handy Shell – Redefining S60 Standby Screen

This is a screenshots tour (NOT AN ACTUAL REVIEW) of an application which was designed to replace the standard S60 Active Standby. Handy Shell is currently in it’s final stage of development. And when it is released, it will be available from the developer’s website, Epocware.

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button Screenshot Tour   Epocwares Handy Shell

Screenshot Tour – System SEVEN for S60 3rd Edition

August 23, 2008

System SEVEN is a push email application that is easy to use and provides alternatives for those who want to use personal email on their mobile devices. What makes it interesting is the easy setup process and the current beta has a few preloaded email settings, to be used with popular free email system like GMail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail. There’s also option to use your own domain POP or IMAP server and it also can be used to connect with MS Exchange Server to sync emails, contacts and calendar.

seven0040 Screenshot Tour   System SEVEN for S60 3rd Edition seven0036 Screenshot Tour   System SEVEN for S60 3rd Edition

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button Screenshot Tour   System SEVEN for S60 3rd Edition

Simply Symbian’s Top 10 S60 3rd Edition apps!

August 21, 2008

We are quite picky in choosing applications that we think worth the hassle and money to be purchased. After spending some time with an E90 (yep… THE E90!!!), we came into conclusion that the following 10 applications are COMPULSORY for us to use S60 smartphones on a daily basis. And these are all native applications, not Java, not Python… These applications have been tested heavily and the numbers assigned to them are there for a reason. Are you ready? Here we go!!!

1. SkyeQuiKey

skyequikey2 Simply Symbians Top 10 S60 3rd Edition apps!

The quickest way to launch applications and accessing contacts. A no brainer to use and should be the first application to be installed in all S60 3rd Edition smartphones.

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Archive your SMS with GSync!

January 22, 2008

image001 Archive your SMS with GSync!PsiLoc, as usual, breaks the conventional barrier in application development. Lately, they came out with a number of innovative applications like PsiLoc Locatik, PsiLoc SoftVariant and so on. What does GSync do? Well, to be honest, nothing… I mean, GSync is an applicationt that you need to configure once and it will run in stealth mode in the background at pre-defined time intervals to sync your SMS inbox and sentbox into your Gmail account. Wait… Does that mean we can read our text messages in our Gmail? Errr.. Yes! But only for reading, you cant compose or reply SMS from your Gmail account. Read the review after the break.

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