Review: The Nokia N81 and five N-Gage game titles

August 22, 2008


I had the pleasure to try out the Nokia N81 with a few of the recent N-Gage titles and thought I should share my thoughts and overall experience.  As you probably know the N81 is designed as an entertainment device focused on gaming and music and comes in two different models, one with 8GB of built-in memory and one with a memory card slot.

Both models have dedicated gaming buttons on the right (as seen on the image above) which light up when you start a game. They are also equipped with the N-Gage application that offers a comfortable way to download and buy trial or full versions games. The N-Gage platform also allows you to connect with your friends, challenging players around the world and participate in community activities in the N-Gage Arena.

In the review that follows, I’ve evaluated the N81’s gaming qualities and five N-Gage game titles. All images were taken using the Nokia N82.

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Playing Quake on the Nokia N95 8GB

November 27, 2007

I’m getting ready to leave for UIQ’s develop Fast Track, which takes place 29-30th of November. I thought you wanted to see how Quake performes live on the Nokia N95 8GB. As you can see the game does not flicker and runs really smooth.

You’ll find download and installation instructions for Quake here

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Micro Counter Strike 1.1, free 3D fps-shooter game

July 31, 2007

I found a cool game demo by M3GWORKS, a 3D game engines developer for mobile phones (something I’ve done myself for PC’s a while back ago). They say they’ve developed the very first 3D FPS engine ‘M3GFPS’ based on M3G technology. The engine is used by game developers as a platform to develop FPS-shooter games.

To demonstrate the features of the engine, M3GWORKS have released a ‘Micro Counter-Strike’ demo, which runs on almost all handsets that support M3G, I’ve written about another Counter Strike version before, including some cool video captures.

cs1.jpg cs2.jpg


  • Based on the classic ‘Counter Strike’ game
  • Make more money to buy weapons with which to overpower your enemies
  • More than 10 weapons and equipment including pistol, rifle, grenade,etc.
  • Cool and great graphics (not so great in my opinion?)

Read more for free download.

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider – Legend for Symbian S60 devices

July 19, 2007

Found this new 3D mobile game based on the console and PC game, featuring a fluid movement system and a series of brand new gadgets for Lara to get to grips with. Some of us remember the adrenalin rush of Lara jumping from rope to rope miles above the ground or taking out a ruthless enemy.


This 3D game links closely to the 7th title in the Tomb Raider franchise (releasing across all gaming platforms).
Developed by Fathammer, it’s a 3D 3rd-person action-adventure game with an event-driven story & immersive

The adventure takes Lara around the globe, exploring treacherous tombs & uncovering details of her murky past.

23339_tombraiderlegen_gif_jpgcopy.jpg 23342_tombraiderlegen_gif_jpgcopy.jpg

Lara Croft’s search for a Pre-Incan relic changes course dramatically
when she meets a dangerous figure from her past.
World-spanning adventure, intrigue & mystery – based in the real
world with layers of mythology and tomb-raiding. Striking, detailed,
fast-moving graphics show off high-end handset capabilities &
legitimise mobile phones as gaming devices.

Read more for screenshots and videos. 

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VIDEO: Fifa 2007 Symbian S60 3rd edition

July 18, 2007

Found this demo-video featuring Fifa 2007 running on a N95. Thing’s look pretty good. Anyone heard anything of a coming Nokia NX(?), N100 or Nokia X?

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