Video: Nokia N81 8GB Special Edition walkthrough Part 2

January 15, 2008

In the second part of our Nokia N81 8GB walkthrough we discuss the Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones, a piece of high tech equipment with the ability to reduce background noise in an amazing way.  We also cover the multimedia menu and the Navi wheel, take a look at the N-Gage platform and the new ‘Space Impact light’ game. We also discuss the music player and the dedicated multimedia buttons.

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Video: Nokia N81 8GB Special Edition walkthrough Part 1

January 15, 2008

Here’s the first part of our extensive Nokia N81 8GB walkthrough. In this part we discuss the phone and button designs, the slider, the build quality etc. We also take a look at the insides of the phone including the SIM-slot, the connectors and try the boot time. Part 2 and 3 are coming as soon as possible.

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Nokia N81 8GB Special Edition with Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones

January 13, 2008


I just received the Nokia N81 8GB Special Edition which comes with Bose Quit Comfort 3 headphones. I’m about to publish an unboxing video and give you all the juicy details and must this device really surprised me. I simply love it! It feels great in the hand, and the slider is superb! I wish my N95 8GB slider was as firm and smooth as the N81 8GB’s! Also worth to mention is the build quality, this device is build to last with a solid metallic cover on the sides.

Anyways, more details in coming unboxing video and of course we’ll take a look at the Bose Quit Comfort 3 headphones. These are no ordinary headphones but a piece of high-tech equipment. They actually reduce background noise and fade distractions giving you a rich, clear audio experience.

Continue reading for the N81 8GB specifications.

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Unboxing the Nokia N95 8GB video

November 23, 2007

Please bare with my first public appearance 😉

Yesterday I received my Nokia N95 8GB which I ordered Monday morning (the 19th of November) from Expansys. The package was shipped on the 20th from France and it arrived on the 21st (Wednesday) after lunch, totally 3 days. In my book that’s a fast delivery, and I could track the whole trip on DHL’s website, something I always find exciting :) I’ve been having some connection problems and haven’t been able to upload this earlier.

So Expansys did deliver in time and eventually their customer service did answer my calls, the trick was not to call early in the morning or in the afternoon. Around mid-day seemed to be the best time. Once I figured that out I always seemed to get through and got to talk with staff members within one minute or so. They were all very friendly and helpful. As a consumer I would have preferred if they changed their customer service hours to 4 hours per day and instead informed their customers of when to call. That way they would improve both the number of dropped calls but also customer relations.

I specifically asked the staff for a non wobbly Finnish made model and that’s what I got, 2-0 to Expansys :) However the phone is branded with some Italian carrier called TIM, meaning it has a TIM logo on the back, some weird applications and customized menus (which I will remove as soon as we get a firmware update). The box seal was also broken but that’s probably because they checked if the slider was wobbly.

So far the TIM logo has been my only disappointment. I could easily have bought a 3 branded device in Sweden and picked it up at any store. It would have cost me less money and I would have received a Swedish or at least an English instruction in the package (they did put a CD in the box which included English instructions). It’s a pain in the a** not being able to use T9 when writing Swedish text messages (the phone was meant for the South European market, and packet with languages such as English, French, Italian and Spanish.

The phone feels solid really solid. The black finish together with the bigger display and the improved navigation buttons looks awesome. The demand paging functionality has significantly improved the speed of the N95 8GB, the menus all work very smooth and I’ve hardly encountered any crashes yet. So far I’ve been very satisfied with the batteries. The GPS works outstanding just like with the N95 classic, that is if you know how to use it.

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