How to: Symbian Sign Applications using Open Signed (need publisher ID)

March 4, 2008


As of now, you need a Published ID to do this.


The people at Symbian Signed has worked hard to provide us, the users, an easy way of signing our applications without using additional applications or paying Publisher ID’s. The whole process is now handled directly from the Symbian Signed webpage and all you need is a working e-mail adress. The service is still in beta and is somewhat limited which is also why I myself have not had a chance to try it out yet so consider this post a beta aswell for now (but I will of course, and I’ll update this post when I have).

Many cudos to all the people and Symbian Signed who made this a reality!

The main features of this signing option are:

  • the process is online
  • no Publisher ID is required
  • no Symbian Signed account is required
  • no tool downloads are required, so it is platform independent
  • all user and most system capabilities may be requested (excludes the Restricted System Capabilities CommDD, DiskAdmin, NetworkControl, MultimediaDD and Device Manufacturer capabilities)
  • applications are restricted to one device, specified by IMEI
  • there is no cost to developers.

So you want to sign an unsigned freeware or shareware application/game? No problem, it should be easy, keep reading after the break and I’ll guide you all the way.

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Video: Trying out YouTube for Mobile, official beta application

January 24, 2008

The ‘YouTube for Mobile’ application is still a beta and is sometimes a bit buggy, but it certainly streams video nice and has some cool menu effects.

SimplySymbian trying out YouTube for Mobile

I didn’t really see any point using this application as my Nokia N95 8GB supports Flash Light 3 which basically means I can just point my browser to to browse and watch video’s just like on my PC. The application did however have a surprise – it supports uploading of videos! Uploads don’t work yet (at least not for me?) but it’s still nice to see such a feature coming up. This means we can shoot a video on our phones and then directly upload it to YouTube.

YouTube for Mobile features:

  • Access the highest ranked or most viewed videos.
  • Search and watch YouTube videos
  • Stay tuned to your subscriptions, playlists and favorite videos.
  • Upload videos directly from your phone.

Official YouTube installation instructions

Continue reading to find out how you can install this software on most phones with Java support.

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How to: Symbian Sign your freeware applications (so you can install stuff like RotateMe)

December 18, 2007

This guide is no longer valid, a new guide is available here:

How to: Symbian Sign Applications using Open Signed (without a Publisher ID)

In this guide I’ll explain everything you’ll need to know to sign and install unsigned software such as Samir’s RotateMe application in a few minutes, but first some information.

Symbian signed applications are great, they allow users to feel secure about the applications they use and protect them from virus infections and other malicious software. We all hope the guys at Symbian knew what they were doing when they decided to implement the Symbian Signed system and some hope this decision was not entirely based on ‘making-money-from-the-developers’ issues. As new open operating systems are emerging, Symbian might reevaluate the Symbian Signed procedure, however at the moment Symbian’s main strategy is to make the signing process easier. I’m all for everything that becomes easier and can only establish that it still needs some work.

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How to: Use the BL-6F battery with the ‘old’ N95

November 13, 2007

Lovehappyslip, a YouTube user posted this video describing how the ‘old’ N95’s can be used with the newer and improved BL-6F batteries of the N95 8GB and N95-3 (the US edition). It’s an ugly mod, but it works and might help someone out?

Hmm it seems Lovehappyslip has disabled embedding of this video, check it out here.

‘Well BL-6F battery fits the old N95 classic ok but the battery cover doesn’t quite fit correctly. If you remove the hologram from the battery or the gray tape surrounding the battery and sand down the criss-cross section on the underside of the battery cover you should get a much nicer fit. Please note it adds extra pressure to the battery cover so may damage the clips a lot quicker. I would definitely advise the mod first and also get yourself a spare battery cover.’ -Lovehappyslip

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How to: Install and play Quake on your Symbian Phone!

September 10, 2007


This post has been updated and rewritten 2007-12-21!

It’s amazing what the Nokia N-series devices are capable of. Did you know it’s possible to play the original Quake (yes the exact same game, not a simplified modified lame version) with hardware accelerated graphics and all on your phone. Just check this video out:

This is all thanks to a Finnish guy called Hinkka. He’s ported the original Quake to Symbian S60 phones with Feature Pack 1 (FP1) and a ARM V6 processor using P.I.P.S.

This is what you’ll need to do to install Quake on your phone:

  1. Download and install the Symbian P.I.P.S. C-runtime library

    You’ll find the file here. Download it to your PC and transfer it to your phone using the USB cable. 


  2. Copy files from the original Quake game to your phone

    To do this you’ll need one of the following: 


    • The original full game

      You can buy the full game at idSoftware for $20. If you happen to have the original game stored in your bookshelf you can of course also it.

      1. Create a ‘QUAKE1’ folder in the root of your memorycard (NOT in your phones memory).
      2. Copy the ‘ID1’ folder on your original Quake CD to the ‘QUAKE1’ folder you just created. 
    • OR

    • The free to download shareware Quake demo (which I’m running in the video above).

      1. Download the demo here.
      2. Install the game on your PC. It’ll probably be placed in your C:\QUAKE1 folder.
      3. Create a ‘QUAKE1’ folder in the root of your memorycard (NOT in your phones memory).
      4. Create a ‘ID1’ folder in your ‘QUAKE1’ folder which you just created.
      5. Copy the .pak file from your PC to your memory cards ‘ID1’ folder (you’ll probably find the .pak file in your C:\QUAKE1\ID1\ folder, copy it to your memory cards ‘..\QUAKE1\ID1\’ folder) 
  3. You can also add gamemusic (this part is not required if you don’t want music)

    1. Create a ‘CDAUDIO’ folder in the ‘QUAKE1’ folder on your memory card.
    2. Put what ever music (as long as it’s MP3’s) you want in the ‘CDAUDIO’ folder you just created on your memory card.
    3. Rename the music files ranging from 1.mp3 to 10.mp3.

    I’m not sure what bitrates works best but I tried 256kbs and it only reduces performance with 0.1 fps.


  4. Download and install the Symbian Quake file

    You’ll have to choose the appropriate file for your device. You’ll find the files here

    Here’s an explanation on when to use each file:

    • Use these if you used the Quake demo .pak file
      quake_v103_armv6_fpu.sisx – Your phones has a floating point unit (ie. N95, E90, etc).
      quake_v103_armv6_nofpu.sisx – Your phones does not have a floating point unit (ie. 6290). 

    • Use these if you used the original full Quake files and want network play
      quakeworld_v103_armv6_fpu.sisx – Your phones has a floating point unit (ie. N95, E90, etc).
      quakeworld_v103_armv6_nofpu.sisx – Your phones does not have a floating point unit (ie. 6290).

You’re now ready to rock and roll!

Game keys:

Currently the keys are mapped as follows when ingame:

  • LSK = return / jump
  • RSK = esc
  • Joystick = forward, back, left, right, fire
  • * = look around (with joystick)
  • # = sidestep
  • c = change weapon
  • green answer key = center view
  • volume up/down = look around/sidestep
  • everything else basicly shoots in the game.

In the console you should be able to type by multitapping. And yes, a bluetooth keyboard really makes life easier!

Please consider to donate hinkka (just click on the paypal icon) for all his efforts with this fantastic game!

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