Nokia N95 firmware unofficial changelog, v12.0.013

July 7, 2007

Updated 2007-07-19 

These are my initial observations (thus not an official changelog) running the new firmware (v12.0.0.013) on the Nokia N95:

  • The phone is generally faster.
  • The gallery seems to be loading quicker.
  • A-GPS support included (quicker at receiving and locking GPS signals) Enable using Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server & define the access point you want.
  • Tracking and auto-tracks still works in Maps, but the new mapping software is NOT updated (the new mapview, GPS-status and data estimation not available but you can update the mapping software yourself).
  • Camera sharpness bug fixed.
  • Safari web browser updated in several areas. The toolbar still works, but you have to hold the d-pad down a bit longer to get the tool bar to pop up.
  • The blue and white ‘default’ theme has been removed.
  • Some Many people report that key presses won’t work sporadically!
  • Name of contacts are not displayed depending on if you have saved the phone number with international prefix or not.
  • WLAN is more stable.
  • Flash is still 2.0.
  • RAM optimized?
  • The signal metre shows "3.5G" when connected by HSDPA (also known as turbo 3G) and of course "3G" when connected to UMTA.
  • You can now zoom images in the gallery up to 800%, previously you could only zoom to 50%

All in all the update seems to contain many bugs. I recommend everyone not updated yet to wait until further notice.

Please report other changes in the forum.

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How to: Hide gallery images

July 2, 2007

Some of you people have the need to sometimes hide pictures and images from your Symbian device image gallery. There are numerous situations for why one would like to do this. The most obvious one would be hiding application images (like Tom Tom, Papyrus or QuickContacts), that after installation will be displayed in the image gallery. Other reasons would be avoiding the same mistakes some top celebrity’s done in the past, people like Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton, both known for leaking nude images and videos to the public. That is of course nothing I have any knowledge of but I have received some inquires about hiding pictures from public viewing and these things always gets my imagination roaming free 😉


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How to: Run iPhone apps on S60 devices

June 30, 2007

It is now confirmed that devices running the Safari browser can use iPhone 3rd party applications. After Apple’s Steve Jobs announcement at WWDC that 3rd party iPhone apps must run in Safari lot of development has been going on.


Nokia announced in 2005 that Symbian S60 devices will run a new browser based on Safari. Phones with that browser include the Nokia N75, N95, and Samsung SGH-i520.

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the iPhone – “A guided tour” or “Why you shouldn’t buy one”

June 24, 2007

Apple published a video featuring a 25-minute guided tour of the iPhone. I must say I’m amazed on how basic this phone operates, of course Apple promotes this product as if it would be groundbreaking, but is it really?

Let’s start with pointing out the good stuff with this phone. It has a very cool multi-touch screen and a user friendly operating system. The multi-touch screen (which basically is a normal touch screen but with the ability to handle multiple “finger touches”) is something we’ll see in many devices in the coming years, in fact MT-screens will be available in most high-end phones & PDA’s next year. Apple has, as always worked alot with the intuitive OS and they’ve actually come up with some cool features (watch the movie below to get my point) which I’m sure the industry will try to copy. It’s a great phone if all you want to do is making calls and listening to music.

iPhone is a revolutionary product and combines three products into one:

  1. It’s a great mobile phone
  2. The best iPod we’ve ever created
  3. and it delivers the internet in your pocket with the best e-mail, web browsing, search and maps applications EVER on a mobile phone

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Tibia Micro Edition, the first MMORPG for mobile phones.

June 18, 2007

village_en.gifTibia Micro Edition (TibiaME) is the first massive multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile phones. Come together with hundreds of players and experience adventures in a colourful virtual world! Along with your friends you explore the mysterious land of Tibia, fight your way through hordes of evil creatures and solve ancient riddles to find untold treasures. With every monster you defeat you will grow in strength and power. TibiaME is based on the successful online role-playing PC game Tibia which attracts thousands of players every day and one of the oldest and most successful online role playing games in Europe.

Dark forces threaten the peaceful people of Aurea, a little island located close to the rim of the Tibian ocean. Duke Bandomir, the island’s ruler, has called on all the heroes of Tibia to aid his people
in their struggle.

  • Interact with hundreds of players simultaneously and in realtime!
  • Discover a huge gameworld with cities, woods, mountains and dungeons filling more than 1000 screens.
  • Fight 20 different creatures, from harmless bugs to mighty dragons.
  • Find and use 88 different items, like swords, shields or magical potions.
  • Save your game anytime and continue whenever you want.
  • Enjoy the wonderful graphics with more than 4096 colors.

welcome_en.gif erik_en.gif
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