RoadSync Version 4.0 Now Available for S60

October 30, 2008

rs4 RoadSync Version 4.0 Now Available for S60

New Version Brings Next Level of Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity to All Samsung, LG and Nokia Phones Based on S60 and Symbian OS

Milford, CT, October 29, 2008 – DataViz®, Inc., a leading provider of mobile office compatibility solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the latest version of its Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® client, RoadSync® 4.0. This version is the first Exchange ActiveSync solution to richly display HTML1 formatted e-mails on all S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2 mobile devices based on Symbian OS™, the market-leading open operating system for mobile phones. In addition to HTML e-mail, new features include tasks and contact photo synchronization, pop-up notifications for new e-mails and keypad shortcuts for the most common messaging functions.

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Magic Screen for UIQ Released!

October 21, 2008


ms2 Magic Screen for UIQ Released!  ms11 Magic Screen for UIQ Released!

MagicScreen gives you a very powerful tool to improve and refine your UIQ smartphone interface. MagicScreen provides shortcuts to your favorite applications and tasks that will be displayed on the standby screen so that could be instantly and easily launched. MagicScreen launcher will assist you in taking your UIQ3 phone to the next level.

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SMS Diary evolves to become SMS & MMS Diary

October 21, 2008

Ola Melen who brought us SMS Diary have released a new cool application called SMS & MMS Diary. It’s basically an enhancement of SMS Diary but with more cool features.

smsd0013 SMS Diary evolves to become SMS & MMS Diary  smsd0014 SMS Diary evolves to become SMS & MMS Diary

As you will find when you try the program, the SMS & MMS Diary program can not only be used to create diaries from your messages. It can also be used to view your messages in a simple and extremely fast way (in your phone). Your messages are displayed in a “chat-like” way and hence it is very easy to follow your message conversations with your friends. Messages that you have sent are displayed right-aligned and messages that you have received are displayed left-aligned. Try it and compare with the speed and usability of your built in message viewer

Get it now! Oh yeah, the application is available for you to download and you can get a registration copy when you pay ANY price! Something like a donationware. This is another unique opportunity to own one of the coolest Symbian app in a while! You can set the price at any number!

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How to: Symbian Sign Applications using Open Signed (need publisher ID)

March 4, 2008

symbian signed logo How to: Symbian Sign Applications using Open Signed (need publisher ID)

As of now, you need a Published ID to do this.


The people at Symbian Signed has worked hard to provide us, the users, an easy way of signing our applications without using additional applications or paying Publisher ID’s. The whole process is now handled directly from the Symbian Signed webpage and all you need is a working e-mail adress. The service is still in beta and is somewhat limited which is also why I myself have not had a chance to try it out yet so consider this post a beta aswell for now (but I will of course, and I’ll update this post when I have).

Many cudos to all the people and Symbian Signed who made this a reality!

The main features of this signing option are:

  • the process is online
  • no Publisher ID is required
  • no Symbian Signed account is required
  • no tool downloads are required, so it is platform independent
  • all user and most system capabilities may be requested (excludes the Restricted System Capabilities CommDD, DiskAdmin, NetworkControl, MultimediaDD and Device Manufacturer capabilities)
  • applications are restricted to one device, specified by IMEI
  • there is no cost to developers.

So you want to sign an unsigned freeware or shareware application/game? No problem, it should be easy, keep reading after the break and I’ll guide you all the way.

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